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Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024
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Show initiative – take responsibility!


Especially as an entrepreneur I feel obligated to commit myself to improving the company environment and society in general. A community is more than just an exchange of products and services. It is dependent on our active shaping and contribution.


I have always been devoted to the ideas of our democracy and economic system, the social market economy, which is why my wife and I have been involved in politics for many years. But that is not enough.


As a part of the CDU economic council, in the tradition of Ludwig Erhard and social market economy, I have combined my dedication for the economy, which we need for our bread and butter, with initiative and commitment for those, who need our help the most: People in acute danger and people in social distress. The establishment of the „Economy and volunteer work“-initiative was a milestone in my commitment, which has found – and still is finding - national attention. The Idea is simple:


The iniative „Economy and volunteer work“

  • advertises responsible economic action and commitment for the honorary office.
  • is looking for people who want to commit themselves to these areas.
  • explains the social importance and responsibility of economy, rescue services and civil protection.
  • awards people, who have shown great optimism, courage and commitment, and have made a difference
  • companies, organizations, entrepreneurs or simple citizens getting the attention they deserve
  • assists commitment and responsibility of those who are active in in our economy
  • acts as an agent for various contacts and gives insights into the world of economists, rescue services and civil protectionists
  • for a better cooperation / together


I have committed myself to this initiative and ask you to do the same.

I am also devoted to one more task: In other countries, such as the US or Switzerland, the Carnegie-Foundation is an important factor of volunteer work and help in dangerous situations. My goal is to re-establish the Carnegie-Foundation in Germany and I have already organized a collaboration with the same foundations abroad.

I ask you to help here as well.


Links: | Wirtschaftsrat Germany | Carnegie-Foundation Germany (DE)